Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we receive most frequently. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

When was Disciple the Nations founded?

DTN was founded in March of 2019.

Where are you located?

DTN is an Arkansas non-profit organization, but does not currently utilize a centralized office. However, our employees keep office hours and will be available to you through email or phone call.

Are you a non-profit organization filed with the IRS with 501(c)3 status?

Yes. Disciple the Nations is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)3 status.

What does Disciple the Nations believe?

DTN operates within the bounds of two statements of faith – The Baptist Faith & Message (2000) and The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement. DTN and her staff, missionaries, and trip participants will adhere to one of these two statements.

Is there a relationship between DTN and the Southern Baptist Convention or The Gospel Coalition?

DTN uses these two statements of faith as the minimum requirement for our staff, missionaries, and trip participants, but DTN is not affiliated with these organizations. We utilize these statements because we believe they capture the heart of the most central biblical doctrine, yet remain broad enough on non-essential issues that allow us to work together in close fellowship.

What short-term trips are available?

Please contact us if you are interested in short-term trips.

Who should apply as a missionary with Disciple the Nations?

Anyone who feels called toward an overseas ministry, and is in whole-hearted agreement with our statement of faith. There are other requirements that vary depending on which ministry role you feel called to work in, you can contact us with specific questions, or we can discuss this during your application process.

After I apply, what happens?

We begin to get to know each other and we will help prepare you and your family to live and serve overseas. For a more detailed understanding, see the process here.

Do I need a sending church?

Yes! We partner with your sending church to ensure you are cared for and served well.

Do Disciple the Nations missionaries raise their own support?

Yes. As an organization that operates by faith, all DTN staff and missionaries raise the finances necessary for their life and ministry. DTN walks with the candidate through this process to provide the support and training required to find partners in gospel ministry.

How much money will I need to fundraise before I go to the mission field?

The answer to this question varies. Factors such as ministry location, family size and needs, and in what type of ministry you will be involved are all considered as we work with you to determine what budget is wise and best fits your situation.

In what types of ministries can DTN missionaries serve?

DTN has a strong conviction that the call of the Great Commission is for the whole church to go into the whole world. We hope to help people apply their various skills and giftings to disciple-making ministries of all shapes and sizes. If you have a calling to use your skills and giftings, let’s talk.

Does Disciple the Nations provide medical, dental, or retirement benefits?

DTN does not provide these benefits, but all staff and missionaries raise funds to cover these costs, allowing them to procure the best benefits for their situation.

Where can I serve?

DTN is not restricted to any particular country or region. We hope to see missionaries deployed around the world.

How do I know my donation is being handled correctly?

Great question! DTN strives to operate with integrity, transparency, and accountability. We intend to seek membership with a third-party organization that ensures commitment to ethical governance and donation management for non-profits, but we cannot join until we have submitted our first 990 Form (the IRS required form for non-profits), which cannot be filed until the spring of 2020. Therefore, we have taken the following accountability measures to ensure the oversight, transparency and integrity of our ministry.

  • Church accountability – DTN has asked a few local churches to assist in both the counsel and oversight of our ministry. We have given these churches the right and responsibility to request any information or investigate any issue with our organization, including doctrine, practice, finances, ethics, etc. DTN will be proactive in providing financial reports, in notifying the churches of any major changes in policy or doctrine, or any major changes affecting the ministry.
  • Board of Directors – As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, DTN has a Board of Directors to aid in directing and monitoring its activities. To contact the board, click here.

Where should I send my donation?

You can give online to our general fund, the ministry of a specific staff member or missionary, or you can send your checks to:
Disciple the Nations
P.O. Box 1331
Wheaton, IL 60187

Who processes my donation? Why is your address for donations in Wheaton, IL?

DTN has partnered with Cedarstone Partners who provides backend accounting, payroll assistance, and handles donations for non-profits. We believe that utilizing a third-party to handle our donations/expenditures adds a level of accountability to our operations.

What percentage of my gift actually goes to the staff or missionary?

Staff and missionaries will receive 95% of the funds donated to their ministries. DTN deducts 5% for administrative expenses, but the 5% does not sufficiently cover our ministry costs. The organization, just like our staff and missionaries, operates by faith. We trust that God will provide for our ministry, which is providing the best possible care and services to our missionaries, at the lowest administrative cost. Also credit card contributions have an associated fee.

How are Disciple the Nations’ missionaries paid?

Our missionaries are employees of our organization and receive a set salary determined by their ministry and personal needs, taking into consideration the standard of living in the part of the world that they serve.

Can I give automatically from my checking, savings, or credit card account?

Of course! You can donate to the general fund, a specific staff or missionary.

Are gifts to Disciple the Nations tax-deductible?