Go with DTN

Disciple the Nations is eager to partner with churches to send mature, growing disciples of Jesus Christ to the nations in order to grow mature disciples of all nations for the glory of God.

We recognize that being a full-time missionary looks different in every context of the world. And we know God has created you with a unique set of gifts, passions, and abilities. We would be privileged to hear your story and about the calling God has placed on your life, and would love to work with and pray alongside you to discover what best fits you and your calling.

Where could I go?

DTN has locations and knows of special opportunities where we would like to send workers, but many of our missionaries have contacted us about their passion and desire for a specific location and vision for their ministry, and are now working as DTN missionaries, fulfilling their calling to serve the Lord. Let us know what the Lord has laid on your heart?

What role could I fill?

In the New Testament, when disciples were sent out on mission, it was almost always as a team in which people had different roles and responsibilities. There were over 80 people that worked with Paul in some capacity in his mission work. Some were considered co-equals, some subordinates, some worked in a local setting and others travelled with him. There were men and women, marrieds and singles, some were left behind to continue the work, and others helped him write letters as his scribes and secretaries.

The New Testament example tells us that there are as many different roles to play as there are giftings and skill-sets. Each missionary team will look different because the roles will depend on the people, the location, culture, and type of ministry. In just one team, the roles and skill-sets could range from church planting (which is not just a pastor), theological education, business as mission/entrepreneurship, agriculture, arts, technology, education, healthcare, and more. There are many avenues that allow us as cross-cultural disciple-makers to break through barriers and share the Good News of the gospel with the peoples of the world.

What are the required qualifications?

The standard qualifications for all DTN missionaries are:

  • Be a mature, yet growing disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Be an active member of your local church
  • Have your calling affirmed by your sending church
  • Agree to the DTN statements of faith and core convictions

Above these standards, the qualifications vary depending on the role you will play on the missionary team. There are many roles that require specific experience or education, and others that do not. We look at each person individually to determine what training/experience is needed for the role they feel called to fill. Our goal is not to prevent or postpone service, but to help you be best prepared for the calling on your life.

How long of a commitment do I have to make?

If the Lord wills, we will be adding opportunities of various lengths of commitment soon, but we are currently only receiving applications for missionary service that are a minimum of a 3-year commitment. This will allow us to establish lasting ministries that will equip local believers. We hope to open up opportunities with short-term and mid-term service lengths, as well as internships soon, so check back often if you are interested in these areas of service.

Do I have to work on a team?

There are a multitude of biblical reasons why serving on a team is best. Be it personal, practical, professional, or pastoral, all signs point to team ministries being the most encouraging, effective, efficient, and evangelistic way to serve in cross-cultural ministry. Missionary teams can meet together regularly, partner together in ministries, provide spiritual accountability, and even do practical things like babysit each other’s kids so the parents can have a date night.

If, however, you feel called to a location where we do not currently have missionaries, do not fret. We are always praying the Lord would send more workers into His harvest field, and we will pray He will send teammates to serve with you. Also, we are so thankful that we have brothers and sisters serving the Lord around the world. It is sometimes possible to join together with non-DTN, yet like-minded ministries and missionaries to create a missionary team for the sake of the Kingdom.

Do I have to raise my own funds?

Yes. All DTN staff and missionaries raise their own funds. Don’t panic though, we’ll ensure you have the skills and training necessary to raise your funds in a God-honoring way.

What percentage of my raised funds go toward DTN’s administrative fee?

DTN’s goal is to provide missionaries with the best care and support at the lowest cost. Our monthly administrative fee is 5% or $250, whichever is greater. Our administrative fee does not cover our administrative costs. We do this by faith, because this is our calling and ministry. We trust the Lord to provide the extra needed to serve and send our missionaries.

Contact us to see how we can partner with you to pursue your passion and calling to do biblical missions, or FILL OUT AN APPLICATION for missionary service with DTN.