What we do

Disciple the Nations exists to make disciples of all nations. To accomplish our goal, we partner with churches to send mature, growing disciples of Jesus Christ to the nations in order to mature and grow more disciples of Jesus Christ through the gospel. Here’s what we mean. We:

Partner with churches to send

Biblically speaking, a mission agency does not send missionaries, churches do. We are here to assist with the “sending” part of the process. We provide the financial and ministerial accountability, guidance, strategy, security, administration, and the physical, emotional, and spiritual support to help missionaries succeed in their calling.


Missionaries should not be novices, but must be mature in their life and faith, and be prepared for the task before they are sent out to the nations. We believe the call to go always includes the call to prepare, and that the sending church will always affirm the call of every missionary.


We do not work with people who consider themselves as “having already attained.” Our candidates and missionaries must desire to continue to grow in their faith and obedience to Jesus Christ. We at Disciple the Nations are all “in progress,” still growing and learning and striving to become more Christ-like in our attitudes and actions, and we aspire to shepherd our staff and missionaries by giving them the support, care, accountability, and community required to foster their spiritual growth and help them impact the world.

Disciples of Jesus Christ

We believe disciple-makers come from all walks of life. Missionaries aren’t just pastors and seminary professors, but are teachers, farmers, nurses, computer programmers, and everywhere in-between. Following Jesus is not just for the elite, the educated, or the eccentric. All people are called to follow Him, and to make followers of Him. From agriculture, the arts, church planting, business, technology, sports, education, healthcare, theological education, and more, our missionaries creatively use their God-given gifts to accomplish the Great Commission.

To the nations

Because that’s where we were commissioned to go (Matthew 28:19-20).

In order to mature and grow

We send people who are intentional about making disciples and investing in the lives of others. That was Christ’s commission to us. And just like it was Paul’s ministry, it is ours; “Him (Christ) we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” (Colossians 1:28)

More disciples of Jesus Christ

There is a culture of multiplication in Christ’s kingdom, and we strive to foster that culture through biblical principles.

Through the Gospel

The true gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for the world. All of our ministries are driven by the desire to share that gospel, and to allow it to affect every area of life. We are convinced that the needs and sufferings of mankind are rooted in man’s depravity and rejection of God, and that man’s greatest need is to repent of their sins and believe in the gospel. This belief compels us to go and be present amid the brokenness of the world, to proclaim the good news and serve the people of the nations, all for the glory of God and the good of His people.